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USTR Receives Requests for Continuation of China 301 Tariffs

In May 2022, USTR commenced the statutory four-year process by notifying representatives of domestic industries that benefit from the tariff actions of the possible termination of those actions and of the opportunity for the representatives to request continuation.

On September 02, 2022 , the Office of the United States Trade Representative confirmed that representatives of domestic industries benefiting from the tariff actions in the Section 301 investigation have requested continuation of the tariffs.

Because requests for continuation were received, the tariff actions have not terminated and USTR will conduct a review of the tariff actions. As required by statute, the tariffs did not expire on their four-year anniversary dates and USTR will proceed with the next steps as provided in the statute.

USTR’s formal notice of the continuation may be found here.

Details on the next steps in the four-year review process will be set out in subsequent notices.

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