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USTR Section 301 Tariffs Extension Through May 31, 2024

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has extended the exemption of over 400 products from Section 301 tariffs until May 31, as part of a strategic four-year review focused on the tariffs' impact on the U.S. economy and domestic manufacturing. This extension, announced on December 26, is meant to align with the ongoing review and consider potential shifts in production from China. Industry groups like AdvaMed have criticized the tariffs for not effectively countering China's dominance in high-value sectors and harming U.S. competitiveness, particularly in the medical equipment field. The USTR is seeking public input to decide on continued product exemptions, with a comment period open from January 22 to February 21. This decision, however, has drawn criticism from Americans for Free Trade for its abrupt timing and the prolonged review of the tariff program, urging for a more comprehensive process for tariff exclusions.

The new comment period is Jan. 22 to Feb. 21. The portal to submit comments is here (and

will not open until Jan. 22).

USTR 301 Extention 0531
Download PDF • 184KB

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