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Understanding CBP's New Ruling on Offshore and Unlicensed Customs Business

On December 19, 2023, Customs & Border Protection issued ruling HQ H326926 stating that offshore and unlicensed companies cannot conduct "customs business."

According to U.S. law, only licensed entities such as customs brokers can perform customs business, which includes:

  • Preparing, data entry, and transmitting customs entries.

  • Accessing the Automated Broker Interface (ABI). ABI is the system used to submit customs entries electronically.

  • Access to client records

In addition, "customs business" must be conducted within the customs territory of the United States whenever engaging with foreign entities.

Some customs brokers might work with offshore or unlicensed companies to conduct customs business to reduce costs. A practice that not only violates U.S. Customs laws, it puts importers' data integrity, confidentiality, and compliance in jeopardy.

It is critical that you ensure your Customs broker is not violating U.S. Customs laws and putting your business at risk.

Concord Solutions Group adheres to the highest standards of integrity and compliance with U.S. Customs law to keep your business thriving. Please reach out to us if you have any further inquiries.

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