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eCERT program for Korea Steel and how does it impact importers under Section 232 absolute quota?

Effective April 5, 2024, the Electronic Certification System (eCERT) for Republic of Korea (ROK) Section 232 Steel absolute quota has been deployed by CBP. This replaces CSMS #60073673 and was originally planned for January 2, 2020, but was delayed. The FRN 2024-07230 announces the eCERT program for ROK and importers are required to provide a valid certificate with a 9-digit Korean export certificate number. Failure to do so will result in a warning message and, effective 45 days after FRN publication, entry or warehouse/FTZ withdrawals for consumption will be prevented. This is in accordance with Presidential Proclamation 9777 and related messages can be found in CSMS #41021976, CSMS #42445519, and CSMS #60073673.

For more information, please visit below URL.

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