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Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) Minimum and Maximum Changes Effective October 1, 2022

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Pursuant to the General Notice (86 FR 46973) published August 1 2022, changes to user fees will take effect on October 1, 2022.

  • The Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) ad valorem rate of 0.3464% will NOT change.

  • The MPF minimum and maximum for formal entries (class code 499) will change. The minimum will change from $27.75 to $29.66; and the maximum will change from $538.40 to $575.35.

  • MPF fee for informal entry or release (class code 311) will change to $2.37.

  • The surcharge for manual entry or release will change to $3.56.

  • The dutiable mail fee (class code 496) will change to $6.52.

  • The express consignment carrier/centralized hub facility fee will change to $1.19 per individual waybill/bill of lading. An individual air waybill is the bill at the lowest level, and is not a master bill or other consolidated document (82 FR 50523).

The General Notice may be accessed at the link below:

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